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Wines at The Mill Forge near Gretna Green

Savour a glass of wine at your wedding reception or with your meal in our restaurant

All the wines have been carefully selected to offer great quality at a reasonable price

Below you can find information on which wines suit particular meals so that your meal is complemented by the perfect wine

White Wines

Los Tilos Chardonnay - Chile - £14.95
Very well balanced. Silky smooth with a tremendous volume and a long finish

Veneto La Castelia Pinot Grigio - Italy - £16.95
Lovely fresh, pear fruit on the nose. The palate has minerality, white fruits and a touch of spice

Anapai River Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand - £16.95
A vibrant citrusy wine with an aroma of fresh gooseberries and packed with tropical fruit flavours

Sparkling Wines

Maschio Dei Cavalieri Prosecco - Italy - £19.50
This pale straw-coloured spumante wine is made from the grapes of selected vines in the Treviso area and features pronounced candied fruit aromas, a fine perlage and a lively mousse


Reynier Champagne Brut nv - France - £38.00
Fresh delicate and racy with a rich dry palate and long lasting bubbles

Moet & Chandon Brut nv - France - £46.00
Dry with a lovely crisp acidity to savour, ideal to share for that special occasion

Red & Rosť Wines

Los Tilos Merlot - Chile - £15.95
A distinct fruity aroma recalling red cherry intermingled with floral and vanilla notes

Moondarra Shiraz - Australia - £16.95
A rich, spicy mouthful of ripe plums and bramble fruits - soft, rich and warm in style and finish

Zarapito Malbec - Argentina - £16.95
A soft, fruity red with flavours of cherries and red fruits. Soft on the palate with a lovely, rounded finish

Hunters Cove Zinfandel Blush - USA - £15.95
A delightfully fruity, medium bodied and refreshing wine with an easy drinking style

Cuvee Del Centario Rosata - Italy - £15.95
The nose is faintly sweet with a touch of flower and peach. Easy drinking rounded style, ideal for something less sweet than a zinfandel rosť

The Mill Forge Wine List
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