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Enjoy a private wedding ceremony in the company of your invited guests. Each ceremony takes place by candlelight

After the ceremony your Gretna Green wedding photographer can capture some stunning images in our beautiful gardens.

Gretna Green Wedding Offer - £365

£395 in 2025

For only £365 you can have the following services

  • Your wedding over the anvil in The Mill Forge.
  • Friendly advice from our team of wedding planners
  • Help in booking other wedding services such as photographers, pipers etc
  • Witnesses if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01461 800344 to book your wedding

N.B. This offer does not include the minister or registrars fees for conducting the ceremony.

Minister's fees

  • £140 (approx) + £100 Registration fee

Registrars fees

  • £385.00 (Mon-Fri)
  • £515.00 (Sat)
  • £581.00 (Sun / Public Holiday)

Call 01461 800344 to book your wedding venue

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Gretna Green Hotel and Wedding VenueGretna Green Hotel and Wedding Venue