Wedding Questions and their Answers

Some of the frequently asked questions of the wedding planner team at The Mill Forge near Gretna Green.

All of the wedding questions below are accompanied by their answers. If you have any questions which are not included below feel free to call us on 01461 800344

Gretna Green Wedding Questions

Wedding Questions

1) How soon can we be married at The Mill Forge near Gretna Green?
The legal paperwork must be lodged with Gretna Registration Office at least 29 clear days before the wedding. (see question 3)

2) Do we have to stay in the Gretna Green area for a certain length of time before our wedding date?
No you may arrive on the day of your wedding if you so choose.

3) What do we do about legal paperwork?
The M10 marriage notice forms and other relevant documents must be with Gretna Registration Office at least 29 clear days before the wedding. The M10 forms may be downloaded from the Registration Office website or obtained by telephoning the Registration Office on 01461 337648. The Gretna Registration Office will advise you on all aspects of the legal paperwork required for your wedding.

4) Can we have a religious ceremony if one or both of us has been divorced?
Yes, you have the same options as people who have not been divorced.

5) How much will it cost for our Wedding at the Mill Forge?
Please visit our tariffs page for detailed tariffs.

6) How soon should we book our wedding?
We would advise you to book as soon as possible to secure the date and time of your choice. We take bookings up to three years in advance and within one month of the date in question.

Gretna Green Wedding Questions

7) Is it ok to come and look around and discuss our wedding with a wedding planner?
Please feel free to come and see us, we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

8) When do we have to pay for our wedding?
We ask for the full payment for the Forge, a £20 deposit per room per night and a £5 per person deposit for the reception meal within ten days of a provisional booking being made. The reception meal and drinks are to be paid no later than three weeks before the date of the wedding. The balance of the accommodation may be paid upon arrival.

9) Can we be married at The Mill Forge if one or both of us were not born in the UK?
Yes, we have had people from all over the world married in the Forge. Contact the Gretna Registration Office on 01461 337648 for advice on the legal paperwork required. If either of you do not understand spoken English then an interpreter may be required.

10) Can my son / daughter witness the ceremony?
Yes provided that they are at least 16 years old.

11) It will only be the two of us, what do we do about witnesses?
We will supply witnesses free of charge if required.

12) How many does the Forge hold?
There is seating for forty with standing room for a further thirty guests behind the seated guests.

Wedding Questions

13) Are The Mill and The Forge far apart?
The Forge sits in the grounds of The Mill hotel and is no more than 120 metres from any of our rooms.

Gretna Green Wedding Questions

14) Is there entertainment in the evening?
Subject to the numbers The Mill Forge will provide a FREE house disco for all residents of the hotel. The house disco is not private to any individual party.

15) Do we need wedding insurance?
It is advisable to take out wedding insurance to protect yourself in the event of cancellation. You can get up to £10,000 of cover for as little as £50.00

16) What is the running order of our wedding day?
Our wedding co-ordinators will run through everything upon your arrival. It is your decision as to whether to have the traditional style as below or to simply walk in together. Whatever you are comfortable with is what we will do for you.
a) Stylists and beauticians come to attend to the bride / bridesmaids / brides mother / grooms mother.
b) The Groom and guests meet in the bar no later than 20 minutes before the ceremony start time.
c) The Groom and guests are escorted to The Forge by one of our wedding co-ordinators and a bagpiper if one has been booked.
d) The bride, whoever is giving her away and the brides attendants are collected from the bridal suite and are escorted / piped to The Forge.
e) The ceremony will start once the bride has made her entrance to either a special song, the bridal march or the "skirl" of the pipes.
f) After the ceremony the happy couple will sign the marriage schedule and pose for photographs inside The Forge.
g) Upon exiting The Forge to a confetti shower the newlyweds will be escorted around the grounds for more photographs to be taken.
h) The final photograph is usually a mock cutting of the cake (depending upon the size of photography package booked) and then the bride and groom join their guests for a quick drink.
i) The guests are taken into the function room first and greet the arrival of the happy couple with a round of applause.
j) Once the reception meal and speeches etc have been completed the entire wedding party are invited to relax in the bar area.
k) Should there be a sufficient number of wedding guests, then The Mill will provide a free house disco which any of the wedding parties present that day are welcome to enjoy.

17) Can we bring things to decorate the wedding tables and can we get into the room to decorate the tables ourselves?
Yes you may bring table decorations although we do ask that if you bring candles they are safely mounted / presented. You may be granted access to decorate the tables yourself but we have staff who are happy to decorate the tables for you.